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〈金光‧紅情‧賀新禧〉加州酒配賀年中菜 - 傳媒活動 - Part III

5. Ironstone Obsession
Symphony 2007


Tasting Note: Aromas are markedly floral. Extremely drinkable, this lusciously brilliant and fanciful wine is full of fruit flavors, and finishes crisp and clean.

品酒錄: 清新活潑,充滿鮮花香氣。容易入口,豐富水果味。


n   Double Gold – Calaveras Wine Competition

n   Double Gold – Lodi International Wine Competition

n   Best White of Show Wine Enthusiast, Best Buy-October 2008



6. Geyser Peak Merlot 2005 (配鏞記_金牌燒鵝拼鮮鵝肝腸)


Tasting Note: True to its reputation this is a soft and fruity wine likeable for its soft tannins, pleasing cherry fruit and notes of mocha and plum in the bouquet. The round and polished mouthfeel sings with varietal raspberry and smoky oak making it a versatile food wine.

品酒錄: 散發出迷人的櫻桃、咖啡及李子香氣,口感圓潤、優雅,還帶有櫻桃果香及淡淡的煙燻味。單寧柔順,很適合配搭不同的菜式。

n   Gold Medal / 2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

n   87 points / Wine Enthusiast Magazine


7. Sutter Home Moscato 2008 (配六國酒店_金盞龍球)   Sutter Home Moscato <-- 海豚公主極力推薦!!這個很香,很好喝~ 女生一定會喜歡~!


Tasting Note: This is an extravagantly perfumed wine, with beautiful scents of creamy white peaches, rose petals, and lichee fruit. The luscious peach and honeydew melon flavors are sweet and creamy, well-balanced with good acidity and a long, lingering finish.


品酒錄: 郁的蜜餞及荔枝清香,感覺清爽。平衡,酸度適中,容易接受。


8. Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel 2007 (配麗豪酒店_麗豪聚千金)


Tasting Note: This supple and full-bodied vintage begins with brambleberries and raspberry jam.  Summertime ripeness and richness integrate with hints of black pepper and a touch of dark chocolate.  The finish of toasty oak, tobacco and spicy cloves creates a wine with both structure and sumptuousness.


品酒錄: 這酒有著濃郁的果香, 如成成熟的藍莓和黑莓果實的香味,亦帶有少許黑胡椒和黑巧克力的味道,丹寧平衡柔滑,口感豐富,回味悠長。






〈金光‧紅情‧賀新禧〉加州酒配賀年中菜 - 傳媒活動 - Part I

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加州餐酒協會 X 星級中式食府 之《金光‧紅情‧賀新禧》:賀年粵菜巧配加州佳釀


The Wine Institute -- The Advocacy Group for the California Wine Industry


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