2008年3月11日 星期二

KitchenAid 測試 I


我的 KitchenAid 的第一個任務,竟然是榨橙汁 (橘子汁) ... :P



開始運作~ 調校至6度~







2 則留言:

  1. hi Rita,

    I thought you already owned a kitchen aid! You really

    should get one, :) It's very common here in America, I

    want to get one too! It comes with the part that roll

    pasta dough, did you get that as well?

    I bet you have heard of "food network", Ina Garten is

    one of my favorite chefs, and I like her Pavlova!

    Here's her recipe:,,FOOD_9


    Meringue is yummy~~ :)

  2. hi Rita,

    If you live in USA you would LOVE watching Food

    Network! That's what I watch everyday while I am

    breastfeeding Isabelle, :) Ina Garten's recipes are

    good, you should browse There you

    can also find Nigella's recipes.

    Have you tried using some cream of tartar for meringue

    with less suger content? I don't know if it will work.

    Yes, I agree, making bread you really need a Kitchen

    Aid. I just cannot knead the dough long enough to make

    the "membrane"...

    Your boyfriend went to Portland, Oregon or Portland,

    Maine? I live in Oregon and I went to Sur La Table,

    it's VERY NICE!!! Everything is expensive but I bet

    they are even more expensive in HK. There are some

    Asian cooking utensils which you wouldn't buy from them

    because of the outragious price!

    Keep in touch, check the websites of "Sur La

    Table", "Kitchen Kaboodle" I can help you get

    something and bring them to HK next time I come back. :)