2009年5月4日 星期一


記者小姐說今個月的登稿日又有更改了, 本人在am730的烹飪專欄   的出稿日期將會是 5月11日(星期一)  及 5月25 (星期一) ,敬請留意 。


Thanks for your support~~  )3( 

敬請捧場~ 多謝各位~



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  1. Hihi, I'm Annette from 1U class. I asked for that

    chocolate recipe today and Audrey, the other one who got

    the recipe, and I have a few questions.

    1)Is "奶油" actually butter or cream or custard?

    2) Can I use brandy for the "wine" part of the recipe?

    From Audrey: can we use sth. else to replace "奶油"?

    2) Where can we get the "酒"?

    3) Must we use the wine?